Complete Building Design Services

Conventional Build Philosophies

Design-Bid-Build Flowchart 

Kiras is not a true design-bid-build firm which is slow, expensive, and lacks collaboration between the Design Team and General Contractor.

Design-Build Flowchart 

Kiras is also not a design-build firm which lacks creativity, owner involvement, accurate pricing comparison and increases conflict of interest between the design team and the General Contractor. 

Kiras’ Hybrid Approach

Kiras takes a hybrid approach to the conventional-build philosophies – which includes the best of both design-build and design-bid-build philosophies.  We believe in a hybrid design-build project delivery process where the Design Team (KIRAS) is contracted directly with the Owner and leads the project though the design phase but the General Contractor is selected early in the design process based on qualifications and is given the opportunity to contribute during the design process.

At Kiras we believe successful projects require equal contribution from the Owner, Design Team, and General Contractor. We remove the guesswork in the quoting process, speed up the project delivery, maximize collaboration between stakeholders, allow all stakeholders to implement creative design solutions, and puts the Design Team in a role where there is no conflict of interest with the General Contractor during construction so that the Owner can feel safe knowing the design team has their best interest in mind. 

Kiras’ Design Led’ Build Process


Initial Consultation

Kiras will provide the client with a complimentary initial consultation to learn about the project and its objectives. 


Retain Design Team

Kiras will put together an exceptional team and provide a quote for professional design services. 


Schematic Design/Feasibility Study

Schematic Design/
Feasibility Study

Kiras will work with the Owner to develop schematic design drawings for the Client to review and approve. 


General Contractor Selection

Kiras will assist the Client in writing of RFP to retain a General Contractor to assist with Pre-Construction Services. 


Design Development

Kiras will work with the General Contractor and Owner to develop design development drawings and specifications for the Client to review and approve. 


Construction Documents

Kiras will work with the General Contractor and Owner to develop construction documents that include final permit/construction drawings and specifications. 


Construction Agreements

Kiras will assist the Owner in working with the General Contractor to develop final pricing and construction agreements; or, Kiras will assist the Owner in contracting an alternative General Contractor through a traditional tendering proccess if an agreement can’t be reached. 


Construction Administration/Observation

Construction Agreements

Kiras will act on behalf of the Owner to provide construction administration and construction observation services to ensure the project is built in accordance with the construction documents. 


Post-Construction Services

Post-construction, Kiras will assist the owner in obtaining final occupancy certifications and conducting additional inspections towards the end of the General Contractors warranty period.